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A unique problem solving firm, based near Cambridge, Crystal Structures Limited, has since 1947, been concerned with the automation of manufacturing processes, especially the inspection of single-crystals, pharmaceutical and general engineering products.. A sound knowledge of physics, chemistry, electronics, pneumatics, computing, instrument and general engineering, compliments a specialization in crystallography. Over 650 crystal structure models and a range of apparatus for the study and teaching of crystallography and inspection of crystals by X-rays, has been produced. Problems presented by customers are usually solved with a combination of standard parts and some bespoke metalwork, but where necessary invention, R&D, and computers are used to solve customerís more demanding requirements.

A drawing office with computer aided design, in-house process camera and other photographic facilities supports a well equipped instrument- and watch-making workshop with equipment for programmed CNC-milling, gear-cutting, grinding, plastic moulding and die-making, sheet metal working, welding, pattern making and metal-casting, (including shell moulding), X-ray inspection, electroplating and stove-enamelling. Electronic and printed circuit design, fabrication and assembly are also catered for.

100kN Batch Extrusion Press for Piezo Ceramic paste, Designed and Built 2002.
  • Load and Position display
  • Speed can be programmed via RS232 interface
  • Designed and built to customer specifications
Over 650 Crystallographic Models
As shown at the International Crystallographic Association meeting 1964

The Wooster Four Circle Diffractometer


Our first Single Crystal Camera.

DeJong-Wooster Rotation Retigraph

Dated 1947