Debye-Scherrer Powder Camera

The CS10 Debye Scherrer Powder Camera is designed to provide a very convenient means of recording the diffraction patterns from samples consisting of crystalline powders as a means of carrying out chemical identification and simple crystallographic analysis. only a small amount of specimen material is required.

The diffraction pattern can be accurately and reproducibly measured since the film diameter (114.6mm) and collimator positions are precisely defined.

The camera is designed for the Straumanis technique of film calibration, which is of great advantage in solving most identification problems. A hole is punched a quarter of the way around the film, to fit accurately around the collimator. The diffraction pattern for one complete half circle is recorded on one film in a single exposure. Film shrinkage during development can be measured by comparing corresponding lines produced on either side of the collimator axis.


The camera is easy to use thanks to the convenient film clamp and built-in devices for centring and rotation the specimen. Provision is made for all the necessary adjustment of the camera to ensure proper alignment. 

A combined Film Punch and Trimmer is available to prepare 35mm wide film for fitting accurately in the camera.

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